A call for a new and emerging business model.

The Heal Summit just came to an end. Six days of exploration on the emerging work devoted to achieve personal healing.

A must see-and-hear experience that invite us all to welcome a new understanding on the connection among the physical world and the energetic (quantum) world, among deseases and potential healing process beyond tradicional medicine. An overall experience that question all systems in place.

High-end presentations on the integration of science and consciousness to provide a new latitude to the comprehension of human wellbeing. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra and Gregg Braden among many others recognized personalities in the field, presented the most comprehensive and deep connection among intentions, believes and thoughts on one side and neuroscience, genetics, epigenetic and biology on the other side. A journey of integration that invite us all to go beyond the accepted traditional body of medical knowledge, not because of its inadequacy but because of its limitations.

A combination of science and spirituality that have presented well-being as an integral aspect that requieres working in all embraced bodies that account for us individuals: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The recognition that the governing element of life is the field of energy, which determines the structure of the matter.

In that integral approach, it becomes evident that our «way of life», does not fully support life. Contaminated water and air, altered food because of antibiotics usage in animals, chemicals of all sort in the food industry such as preservatives, fertilices and  pesticides. Continuos emotional and mental stress as a the result of conforming and meeting the competitive demands of the «modern world», an economical system based in scarcity, competition, infinite growth and self interest, a continuos struggle to compite for money and power. A difunctional system that to continues accelerating its own inviability.

Albeit this is becoming more evident to a growing number of people, the need for tapping into a new order is the call of the time. For that to happen new paradigms ought to emerge. This «new mental architecture» ought to be the result of integrating consciousness as a variable into the social, economical and political systems.

Corporations, it all seems to indicate, faces an unavoidable dilemma: continue been part of the problem struggling to economical survive providing answers to competitive and legal pressures or transforming itself to include social and environmental challenges to pioneer the solution and enter into a new realm of comprehension regarding human motivations that offer light to a new business perspective and perception.

An avenue to work out that dilemma and in so doing embracing a new-and-expanded corporate architecture, is the process of integrating culture (who we are) and strategy (what we do). Yet in this integration new mental models shall guide the process of «corporate enlightenment»,  understanding the need to resonate with people and societies and not continuing «administering resources’ till lack of economical value or its depletion.

The best business in the world might well be based in contributing to have a livable world: one that honors life.

Traditional comprehension of leadership as the capacity to achieve goals and influence people, satisfying customers, must be expanded to enter into the realm of resonating with people and societies as a whole. The center is no longer the customer nor the vision could continue been guided by self-interest, is the new comprehension of what it means to be human, to deeply connect with that energy that include and transcend self-interest in order to create social and economical value, abandon the toxic «scientific administration» initiatives we still hold after more than a 100 years.

Corporations, as the key social player in the world today has an unavoidable invitation: to pioneer the emergence of a new order, one that integrates science and consciousness, to create social and economical value in a context of sustainability. That is a whole new game. 

It is in my understanding and work, the call for the onset of a new business model one that ought to be very meaningful to humans and human kind.

Consultor internacional y escritor (venezolano, español). Agente de transformación de las organizaciones y sus lideres. Especialista en los procesos de integración cultura y estrategia, profesionalización de empresas familiares y “Turn-Arond” de negocios en crisis. Facilitador y Certificador de Barrett Values Centre

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